Motivations for scanning the net for the best beach umbrella for wind


best beach umbrella for wind

This is your lot in life. Do not be too sure of yourself, but then again, you may just consider that you are among the privileged. Where you are, you have a beach to head off to over weekends during those lazy, hazy and sometimes, extremely hot summer weekends. It is only a couple of miles down from where you are. Or if that is not the case, you do not need to spend more than twenty minutes or so driving down to the beach. In the meantime, many other folks cannot wait for their summer vacation. Because this is about the only time they can schedule just a few days at the beach.

These are your midland folks and there are no beaches, not even those alongside lakes, for hundreds of miles. So yes, you could just say that you are rather lucky. But there is one thing that these poor, pleasant folks and you might just have in common. They usually have to put up with it during cold, winter months. And because the weather out your way is pretty much sunny all year round, you also have your winds, sometimes irritatingly and quite inconveniently at gale force speeds. But that has never stopped you going to the beach now has it.

Only, some of you might be having second thoughts. You spend more time gathering your beach paraphernalia around you, struggling to keep it from being gusted off by the wind. One of those always must have gadgets that are with you, well, sometimes, if the wind has its say and day, is that wide and colorful beach umbrella. In fact, in all the years you have been going to the beach, you have been through quite a few brollies. It is a pain, and it hurts the pocket too, having to dole out more bucks for yet another umbrella, crossing the fingers that this time, the wind will not hitch it and break it.

But today, you no longer need to fret. The internet has made shopping all the more easier and convenient for you. Now, you no longer need to head off to the mart to scratch around in bins for the right umbrella at a reasonable cost, you can surf – yes, we said it – the net for the world’s best beach umbrella for wind today. But here is the thing, if you are really going to make a successful purchase this time around, try and use your noodle a bit more this time. Your noodle is your brain, and within it is a faculty you have called common sense.

Do not get blown away by all the fanciful colors and designs, still thinking how you can shine again on the beach. Start thinking about formidable materials and attachments that cause your local wind to huff and puff even more, no longer being able to toss your umbrella over across the sand.

Bikini Body Guide

When choosing a bikini, the vast majority of women’s choices are based on three aspects:

1.    The tan lines it will leave

2.    The color that is fashionable

3.    What’s in fashion that year

In addition to basing your choices on these aspects, you must ALWAYS consider your body type. If you have more or less chest, if your waist is more or less defined, if your hips are more or less wide….Given all this, and without forgetting to be objective with what we see in the mirror, surely you will find the swimsuit that goes with your body the best. See post about getting your dream body.

Be attentive to the 4 points of your body to take into account when choosing the perfect bikini:

1.   Height ( Tall girls VS Small girls)

If you are a short girl, choose a one piece bathing suit, with a cleavage baring neckline that highlights your figure. The colors to choose would be more neutral.  To choose a pattern, it should be with small drawings. If you want to lengthen your legs, wear high leg bottoms.

If you are a tall woman, the best choice is a two piece, the colors? Whatever you decide.

2.   Chest (Large Chest VS Small Chest)

Busty women should forget about triangle bikinis. The choice must be based on comfort and safety. Use a bra style, with hoops, or V-neck with a rim also, and wide straps. Forget the white color and use matte tones.

If your chest is small, and you want to enhance it you must use bikinis or bathing suits with heart or halter necklines that enhance the bust. You can use all the strident colors you want and all kinds of prints, as well as fringes, frills and other paraphernalia.

3.   Waist ( Straight girls VS girls with belly VS Girls with curves)

The curves in the woman, to a greater or lesser extent, are conditioned by the size of the waist. The more defined you have the waist, the more curves you have, the less, the straighter you are or the more belly you have.

For Straight Girls the best choice without a doubt, are two-piece swimsuits both with volume (fringes, frills …) that will give the feeling of more waistline in you.

If you have a little tummy, the solution is to keep your panties high waist or to wear a full one piece.

If your waist is very defined any bikini will suit you. So you have carte blanche.

4.   Hips ( Hips VS wide hips)

See post

If your hips are wide and your derriere is prominent you should choose a dark color. You have to give prominence to the top of your body.

If you have small hips, wear bottoms with bow on the sides or strips, this will boost the hips.

If you have no back or you want to stand out, the solution is to use fluorine colors, with volumes and prints.

Remember to see post about getting your dream body!

How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test Without a Hitch

Are you tired of being in a position where your professional fate is hanging around a drug test? We can sympathize with you in these types of situations. Sometimes the world feels like a catch-22 situation. You are being told that you need to get your life in order and that you need to start making good money. But when you are attempting to get a job, you are faced with a situation where you are needing to worry about passing drug tests. It is not the most ideal of situations, especially if you are the type who uses drugs.

Now we can understand why employers may have tests for some hard drugs. For instance, getting tested for cocaine, heroin, crack or some other substances makes sense. These are not drugs that you want to play with – and being addicted to these substances means that you are probably not the best fit to work at a proper job. You are far more likely to be an employee who is unreliable, unproductive or causes problems if you have a substance abuse problem with those drugs. But is marijuana in the same ball park as those substances?

As you can read about at, employers do test for marijuana. It is one of those unfortunate things. Even if the substance is legal in some states, employers can easily say they are not going to give you a job until you test clean for marijuana. But the good news is that you can go to and you can learn all about the steps that you can take if you want to pass a drug test. You may think that it is an impossible challenge, but we are happy to let you know the process is easier than you think.

What you are going to need to do is get creative. For instance, if you are in a position where you are being put through a drug test before you get a job, they will tell you what type of test is involved. The two options are usually urine or saliva tests. You may get a blood test, but that is very rare and is usually only an issue if you are being drug tested as part of your criminal probation status. For a job drug test, urine and saliva are the two main options. And both tests are passable.

Even if you smoke marijuana, you can pass these tests. With your urine test, you are going to look into how you can obtain synthetic urine. It is not the type of thing that you are going to find at a store, but what you can do is look into finding it online. Make sure you are getting one that has great reviews, because you do not want to waste money on something that may not even work. And if you are doing the cotton swab – saliva drug test, then you will want to use the “mouthwash trick” to get yourself a clean result!

Right Way to Hire a Plumbing Contractor in the GTA

If you need to hire a plumbing contractor in the GTA there are some useful tips you need to follow. The initial step is to identify all of the Toronto plumbers that have active online profiles. When you have gathered the names of all the plumbers that are serving the GTA you can begin assessing each of them.

Toronto plumbers

Steps to Follow When Assessing Prospective Plumbers in the GTA

There is a series of qualifying questions you will need to ask when you are screening prospective plumbers in the GTA.

·    What type of plumbing does the organization specialize in? The 3 most common fields of plumbing are industrial, commercial and residential. You have to filter through the various plumbers to identify those that specialize in residential plumbing.

·    Is the prospective residential plumber fully licensed and insured? This is more of a formality but you need to confirm the contractor is fully insurance and licensed before you hire them. If you hired someone who was not certified and they injured themselves your property insurance may not cover you.

·    Has the plumber been in business for a long time? The longer they have been in business the more stable their employee base should be. You want peace of mind knowing that if you call the prospective Toronto plumbers they are going to show up. If the plumbing contractor has been in business for less than 10 years you should think twice before hiring them.

·    Does the plumber offer 24/7 emergency service? If you have a plumbing emergency you want peace of mind knowing the plumber is available round the clock. If the plumber does not offer this emergency service you should consider removing them from your list of candidates.

·    Does the plumber offer a warranty on the work they are doing? The warranty would need to be in writing so you have something to fall back on in the event you need to utilize the warranty. It would not be smart to hire a plumbing contractor that is not willing to provide a warranty in writing so remove them from your list.

After you have worked through the list and identified the plumbers in the GTA that seem the most suitable you will need to start reviewing their fee structure.

Getting a Bargain on Plumbing Services in the GTA

Start by contacting the plumbers on your list and have them come over to prepare a quote on the job you need done. This will give you an opportunity to get to know the plumbing contractor and assess their overall level of professionalism. Try to compile a minimum of 5-10 quotes and identify the plumber who has the most competitive pricing point. When you have finalized the price comparison you will be able to select the Toronto plumber that is clearly the best choice out there so begin your review of them now. By performing the comparison now you will be able to focus more of your energy on other tasks later.

Is It Better to Buy a Used Car?

If you are tired of the notion that you need to spend a fortune on the next car that you are going to own, you may be thinking of going down the route of a used car. We can understand why you would come to such a decision. Even though used cars may not have the same charm that you would get with a new version, we think they are much better value for money. We can explain to you why we believe that you should always go for the option of a used car, no matter how much money you have.

A used car will always give you more value. Whether you are getting a small Toyota or you are buying a Mercedes, you are getting more for your money when you buy used. The perception a lot of people have about buying used is that you are getting something that is broken down or over the hill. But that is hardly ever the case. Yes, you can get a beat up car for $1000 if you do not have much money. But there are much newer and more expensive used cars on the market too.

The key with the used cars is that they are always going to cost you much less than a new car, even if they are only a few years old. And in terms of cars, a few years is nothing. If the car does not have too many miles on it, and everything is in good condition on the inside, then you are in business. You are getting a “like new” car and you are paying maybe 40 or 50 percent of what you would have paid if it were brand new. In this case, it is a no brainer for you to go with a used car.

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